Thankfulness from Arcadia Firefighters’ Association

The AFFA is thankful for the opportunity to sponsor Highland Oaks PTSA’s Gratitude Drive-Thru event – this gives us the opportunity to celebrate our gratitude that we have for our community along with collecting donations to provide food for families that are in need during these critical times. The Foothill Unity Center is playing a very important role in this event by collecting these donations and we cannot wait to see the positive impact this event will make in the community. 


Thankfulness from Foothill Unity Center Monrovia

Foothill Unity Center has been serving the needs of our local community for more than 40 years with Neighbors Helping Neighbors, providing basic need services including food, health services and referrals, case management, homeless services, job development and volunteer opportunities to the local foothill communities with love and dignity.

Foothill Unity Center is thankful for opportunities to help others –  Helping People, Changing Lives.

Give to Foothill Unity Center

Thankfulness from Highland Oaks PTSA

To the awesome Highland Oaks community, principal, teachers, staff, students, and families:

We miss seeing you and being together at school very much.  We are thankful for all that you have done to keep our community strong this year.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

With gratitude,

Highland Oaks PTSA

Just for funWhat is Highland Oaks’ mascot? Write your answer on the prize form for double entry to win prizes.

Thankfulness from the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association


The Police Officers of the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association would like to welcome you to “A Gratitude Drive-Thru Adventure.” First and foremost, the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association is proud to serve the City of Arcadia and its citizens, and we are excited about sponsoring this event by the Highland Oaks Parent Teacher Student Association.  The Arcadia Police Officers’ Association is working together with the community to contribute to an event that is filled with an immense amount of gratitude and thankfulness.

As Arcadia Police Officers, our goal is to reduce crime, preserve the safety of our citizens, and make a difference in our community. We strive to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to our citizens every day. We hope that you all have a wonderful time at this event and you’re able to take some time to enjoy it with family and friends.

For 2020, the APOA’s objective is to return to our core purpose, “To foster a close relationship with each other and at all times pursue and maintain good relations with citizens of the community and the Police Department”.  The Arcadia Police Officers’ Association would like to thank you for your participation in this fun event and we hope to have more events such as this one in the near future.

Stay safe and thank you for supporting our community.

Arcadia Police Officers’ Association

Thankfulness from Arcadia Methodist Hospital

Methodist Hospital is proud and pleased to be a sponsor of the Highland Oaks PTSA’s Gratitude Drive-Thru Adventure event. It’s the time to express our appreciation of the support and encouragements we have received from our community. We are also extremely grateful for PPE and monetary donations that we received helping us getting through challenging times. With that in mind, we are committed to providing safe care, and are thankful for this opportunity to show our support back to the community we love.

Together, we’re stronger!

Thankfulness from McIntire Real Estate, Inc.

McIntire Real Estate is excited to participate in the Highland Oaks Gratitude Drive-Thru Event.  As a family owned and operated business established in 2012, we have fallen in love with the City of Arcadia, the Community, and the People. In 2011, Josh and Diana McIntire had a vision of starting a family and a business in the San Gabriel Valley and with hard work, dedication, and failing forward, the vision gradually grew. We settled in Arcadia in 2014 and now enjoy watching our six year old daughter act silly at Camino Grove Elementary, our four year old son stay out of trouble at Kathy Kredal Nursery, and we just welcomed our third healthy but feisty daughter into the world in October 2020, with the help of an unbelievable staff at Methodist Hospital.  

Our office is filled with an amazing team of professionals who are detailed and creative.  They are the heart and soul of our company and support our property management and sales efforts.  As we look to give back to the community there is no better place than with the kids. They bring love, excitement, and possibilities to each day and the opportunity to spend time with them helps us all stay a little more present.  We are thankful for our health and the opportunity to help others.  We thank the schools and the teachers for all their hard work and time to help mold our children into amazing people. We count our blessings every day and we are thankful to share our journey with and be a part of this great community.   

Happy Holidays,

Josh & Diana McIntire 

Thankfulness from Santa Anita Park

Santa Anita Park is thankful that it has been able to provide world class racing since 1934 in such a beautiful community that has Arcadia as its focus.  From horses like Seabiscuit and Zenyatta, jockeys like Bill Shoemaker and Mike Smith and trainers like Charlie Whittingham and Bob Baffert, Thoroughbreds and humans have come together at “The Great Race Place” as a sport and pastime like no other.  Hosting the Breeders’ Cup World Championship for a record 10 times is testament to the appeal of Santa Anita Park and its surroundings, to which people flock from all over the world.

Thankfulness from the Arcadia Police Foundation

APF is proud to sponsor Highland Oak PTSA’s Gratitude Drive-thru event, which not only celebrates thankfulness, but also collects food for families in need in the form of donations to the Foothill Unity Center. APF’s mission is to build relationships between the community and the Arcadia Police Department, and we can think of no better way than by contributing to this worthwhile event.

APF Mission Statement

The Arcadia Police Foundation (APF) is an independent, community-based non-profit organization that supports the Arcadia Police Department (APD) by providing financial support and by promoting the community and police partnership.

Founded in 2015, APF’s first major initiative was to bring police dogs and handlers, or “K9 units” back to Arcadia after a decades-long absence. Thanks to the support of the community and APF, two K-9 units were deployed. Zoli, Kota, and their handlers have been instrumental in providing invaluable services including:

  • Community Outreach
  • Search & Apprehension
  • Special Operations

APF will continue to work with APD and the City of Arcadia to identify worthy projects to marshal support for. These may include more tools and equipment for officers, supplemental training, and community-building efforts.

Thankfulness from Grand Capital Funding

I am happy to support the Gratitude Drive-thru Adventure. I am excited about this special event where we can come together as a community and give to those in need. As we continue our giving spirit this weekend, may you reflect on thankfulness and gratitude with your family and friends. As you go about your days, embrace opportunities to give back and find ways to make a difference. 

Have a fun time!
Lily Liu 

Grand Capital Funding

308 S. 1st Ave., Suite #A

Arcadia, CA 91006

Thankfulness from State Farm – T.G. Metzger

Being part of this event, I’d like to start with saying that I am grateful to the City of Arcadia and its citizens for giving me the opportunity to live and work here for 33 years. I have raised my family, run my business, and served on various volunteer committees all within our beautiful diverse community. It has allowed me to experience all of what we have to offer.

I am also grateful for my two wonderful children who are grown now and starting their own lives in other parts of the country, but they still call Arcadia home.

I’m grateful for my own and my family’s good health.

And I’m grateful to be in a position to be able to support these kinds of events and help where needed.

Health, Happiness, and Thanks,

T.G. Metzger

T.G. Metzger Website

QR Code Messages About Thankfulness

While you’re driving through the Gratitude Drive-thru Adventure with your children and family members, take the time to talk about THANKFULNESS with one another, what does thankfulness and gratitude mean to the children? What does it look like these past eight months as our lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? Use this time in the car to share examples of what it means to be thankful.

Please also have an adult (whose hands are free) grab their cell phone to scan the QR codes displayed at each inflatable to see thankfulness messages from each of our sponsors.

Please keep in mind, you must stay inside your vehicles. To scan the QR code, just open your camera and point it at the QR code as if you are going to take a picture. Then, the content will appear in your internet browser.

If you’d like to take the time to read the message again later, you can do a print screen using your smartphone buttons.